It doesn’t go away

It’s assumed that women, once they leave the workforce and start taking care of the family and other responsibilities, will forget the work-life world they left behind because domestic life will keep them blissfully busy. 

There are women whose choice is not to work and focus only on the family. It’s their choice and they enjoy the life they chose.

For many women whose primary choice wasn’t to focus “only” on the family but also to have a career and a life outside the home, the yearning to go back to that work-life never goes away. To imagine what life could have been if they had the necessary support and the environment to continue their journey in work-life keeps haunting them. The thirst to have seen their voices heard and the skill used to solve problems never dies.

Women are forced to wear the facade that taking care of the family should make them happy hence they do. The question is not about whether it is their responsibility. The question is why should it be “only” this or “this” or “that”. When a woman is forced to choose between this or that, career or family, as in most cases, well almost always women choose family, her yearning doesn’t go away. When the choice is made for her and she moves on with her life, those who made her take the decision blissfully forget the sacrifice she made. But she never does, because sacrifices scar the person who makes it especially when it wasn’t done of their own volition. 

Even in the situations when women take choices in life out of their own volition for the goodness of people around them, the yearning to go back, the what-I-could-have-been, what-my-life-could-have-been, those questions never die down. It can be hastily buried under sand, but it usually raises up to haunt bringing back pleasant memories of that once fulfilling life.

There will be situations when women have to take priority calls, to prioritise home. Not everyone is lucky to continue in work-life managing things at home in parallel. When they do, such women should get a second chance in life to re-enter the workforce. Why only second chance, the third and fourth chance so they don’t have to for life imagine what-it-could have been?

And women need a lot of support to get a second chance.

And that is why I have designed the program Second Act through QT.

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