When inefficiency creeps in

When there is inefficiency, there is a leakage of strength.

In physical training parlance – efficiency and inefficiency in movements are used to build strength. Efficiency in movement patterns will reduce energy loss hence building more strength and power. Inefficient movement patterns will challenge the muscle group, leaking strength and power in the process.

Of all inefficiencies in the organisations, inefficiency in manpower usage is the most dangerous one and it’s the most common one in big organisations and growing startups (the reason why we hear about a lot of layoffs these days)

Inefficiency in manpower usage –

➡ When the right resources aren’t given the right job it leads to less job satisfaction, apathy, loss or eroding of their skill.
➡ If the resources are given a challenge when they aren’t equipped to handle it, it leads to attrition or poor quality.
➡ If duplication of job roles occurs then either there is slacking in the role because no one wants to own it or it leads to job insecurity where everyone competes or pulls each other down
➡ If the unit is overstaffed then employees will not be adequately challenged
➡ If the unit is understaffed the employees will be overloaded.
➡ Each and everyone in the team must be made aware of what is expected of them, if not you have unhappy employees at the end of the appraisal cycle
➡ Leave plans and backups should be optimally planned so no one employee feels like bearing the load of everyone else.
➡ If an employee doesn’t understand why they are doing, what they are doing, it leads to poor service.

This list can go ON. The only way inefficiency can be plugged in is if mid-level managers actively keep a tab of this and act on it. If not everything, if at least one pointer from the list is handled that will ensure the team members are carefully managed on that count. When there are a thousand ways to leak energy, plugging at least one gap adds to the strength of the system, i.e the team. 

Let those who think management jobs will be taken over by AI debate their brains out, till then, choose a leak and aim to plug that hole. If you can do that, you should see improvement in your team’s performance by end of this year. 

Any other leakages you like to close ?

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