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To quit or not to quit – I’ve had enough of my friends go through the phase when this question held their headspace full time. Even I had slipped and pondered over the question in a fit of fanciful imagination.

Should I work?

Should I work after marriage?

I might have to quit after I have a kid.

I will quit after my kid is 3 years old!

I will probably quit after I turn 40.

The dilemma never ends. 

And if and when women survive all these questions and manage to hang in the workspace, the workspace dynamics designed and maintained by men is not fully welcoming and supportive to women.

While the choice a woman makes is personal – there is no right or wrong decision, here in Qt I share thoughts and perspectives so women make the right decisions for them for the right reasons. Not only that, there is also a lack of guidance and support system to encourage women not to leave the workforce prematurely. There is no space for working women to get the wisdom of experience from others since many are first-generation working women. Qt’s vision is to fill that gap. So you can expect tons of inspiration, lots of useful tips, some food for thought, a few rantings, self-reflection as a woman, helpful information and some more.

This is not a place to debate whether a woman should work or not. Or working woman Vs stay at a home debate. Those are personal choices women make. That ends there.

Oh! but this is also not a place intended to bash men or society or workspace inequity. In Qt I intend to create a space where we understand the current dynamics and build changes into the future workspace with more creativeness and understanding. And that wouldn’t happen with the bashing of anyone, that I am sure of.


@Quittomorrow is a community for working women I’m building. 

👉👉Join the community in FB or follow me on LinkedIn if

🎯 You want to have a no non-sense discussion about work-life challenges and working woman challenges.

🎯 You have quit and have taken a very long break and have no clue of how to get back to work but want to.

🎯 You are someone who needs constant motivation to thrive in the choppy waters of working woman life. 

🎯 You are a working woman on a break but would like to stay in touch and be inspired to get back to work while on break.

🎯 You believe STEM careers for woman is a thing worth pushing.

Here are some good picks in the site to start with…

Would love to hear from you. Drop me a note at prathiba.quittomorrow@gmail.com‎ 

-Prathiba Wilson


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